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  MH Introduction  
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  MH-SCADA is based on Microsoft.NET technologies that enables the easy and secure access and collaboration between data from disparate source (OPC, SCADA, MES, ERP, DATABASES, WEB SERVICES) through LAN and Internet. MH-SCADA has the advanced graphic function (vector graphic), module design environment (a project can be developed by multi-people), flexible development language (C, VB, .NET) and customized development module. (support developing ActiveX controls)

Production feature:
● Reliable data acquisition and visual platform;
● Advanced data log: local database, SQL .etc;
● High security: using the Windows OS security strategy;
● Collaboration between data from disparate source:OPC(Server or Client),OLE Automation,Active X, API, OLEDB;
● Server redundancy function;
● Powerful graphic function (vector graphic, XAML);
● Familiar Microsoft Visual design environment (familiar with Windows form);
● Collaboration with MES;
● Support Microsoft Visual Studio;
● Central management and auto-deployment of application;
● Multi-language support.