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What are the minimum system requirements for MH-SCADA?

Date:2013年5月28日 16:33

MH-SCADA requires the following software:


Software environment

Operating system

MH-SCADA can run on any of the following operating systems:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows7 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2


.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
.NET Framework 4
Internet Explorer 6 or higher






1.66GHz Atom Dual-core

2.5GHz Core 2 , Dual-core or higher




Disk space

500MB available space

64G available space

Display card

SVGA(1024×768)32MB RAM

SVGA(1280×1024)128MB RAM

1、This minimum hardware specification only supports the running of the MH-SCADA components and does not guarantee to support your project requirements. Furthermore the recommended hardware specification assumes a project size of between 500-3000 scanned points. Your actual software and hardware requirements depend upon the implementation of your project.
2、We recommend that you thoroughly test your project by imitating the actual system environment in order to determine your required software and hardware requirements. Ensure that your CPU utilization ratio is not more than 50% and the physical memory use is not more than 70% when your project is running normally.
3、If have any further questions about choosing your required system requirements; please contact Dalian MH Times Technology Co., Ltd.

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