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MH-SCADA report suites provide reporting on the MH-SCADA system and/or on specific Agents. These reports are provided via a website that is created by the reporting service of Microsoft SQL Server.
Therefore MH-SCADA report suites require Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (including SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Advanced Services). Also the data provided by the reports are obtained from the database tables populated by either the MH-SCADA Agent Server or the relevant Agent type (such as Alarm Management, DB Log, and DB Access, etc.)

Product framework

MH-SCADA report suites constitute a series of report packs and the report deployment application program. MH-SCADA report packs provide reporting on the MH-SCADA system and/or on specific Agents.

Report Packs

Alarm Management report packs

Alarm system performance report, help evaluate the performance of the alarming system and provides the means to ensure tis continuous improvement. These reports implement ISA 18.2 standards and 191 EEMUA criteria. 


These reports provides you with the tools necessary to analyze the alarm history of your system, so that you can improve your alarming system, such as: sorting and reporting your alarm types; determining your alarm frequency, alarm patterns and/or the most frequent reasons and/or explanation given over specific time periods and assessing your operator performance (how well they attend to each alarm) etc.

MH-SCADA auditing report packs

MH-SCADA auditing report packs is divided into the Agent server audit report and the variable audit report.
The Agent server auditing report analyses the availability of the Agent Server and include the durations of each session and the uptime and total server availability.

The variable audit report aims at auditing the actions performed by the users of each Agent Server, such as the data logging, operator action value changing and operator logging on and off events, to name a few of the audited events.

General report packs

General report packs are standard report packs based on the DB Log Agent data of MH-SCADA, which includes the DB Log statistics report and the DB Log trend report.

The DB Log statistics report includes the success、termination and/or failure of the logging of each value (DB log Agent slot) to the DB Log statistics table.

The DB Log trend report includes the action of each logged value (DB log Agent slot).